Refurbished cabinet

It was just not fitting in..


Imbuia dresser

It was very fashionable during the 50's and 60's to apply a very dark shellac to Imbuia especially. Imagine the customers surprise when that dark Dresser showed a stunning colour and grain after it was stripped. It was given to them by a family member that now wants it back...

Oak cabinet

We had to change the look and purpose of this Oak cabinet. Added glass to the top section for display purposes while the bottom can still be used for storage.


Refurbished wall cabinet

Time for a change.


Cabinet after

Wood Cabinet

It happens sometimes that someone knows that it could be better than it currently is. Those people come to Giupetto and Son Restorers.

Cabinet beforeCabinet after

Oregon chest of drawers

Got a call to pick up this Oregon chest of drawers in the mountains outside Stellenbosch, in the most beautiful part of the Wine lands.